Cheap Stock Photos

Which Cheap Stock Photos Convert Higher?

cheap stock photos that convertDo you think you know everything about cheap stock photos? Well, you might want to think again. Most people do not overthink their blog images. Once they find a relevant image, they just stick with it. What they do not know is that their choice may hurt their conversion rate. Keep in mind that even small irrelevant changes can make a big impact. The same is true with your choice of stock photos.

Cheap stock photos can influence the perception and behavior of your readers – even without their conscious awareness. This is the key to choosing the right stock photos. You should choose images based on the concepts that will trigger your readers’ desire to take action. The type of concept that will trigger a conversion, however, depends on your niche. You need to choose a concept that is helpful for your type of conversion.

Here are three types of conversions you can leverage:

Rational conversion. Rational conversions come from a logical standpoint. This means that people tend to take action for something in return. For instance, they subscribe to blogs and emails in order to receive useful information about topics they are interested in.

  • Emotional conversion. Emotional conversions tap into the people’s feelings. This means that people convert from an emotional standpoint. For instance, they subscribe to a fashion blog to receive information about the latest trends.
  • Prosocial conversion. Prosocial conversions happen when people donate to a charity due to moral reasons.

Now, you can leverage these types of conversions in choosing cheap stock photos to encourage your readers to take action. Prime their concept of your brand image to help them appreciate the rational benefits of taking action by using associations. Researches revealed that images of briefcases and fountain pens cause people to behave more competitively.

When a conversion involves an emotional decision, prime the concept of fun as they make people more likely to indulge. Also, use stock photos with people looking towards your CTA because, turns out, people have an inborn tendency to follow people’s gazes. Lastly, people make decisions based on emotion. Photos with people with positive mood creates a sense of optimism, which encourages readers to convert.

Prosocial conversions use both rational and emotional reasoning. If your conversion involves prosocial behavior, prime the self-awareness of your readers by using images of eyes and people pointing outward. While business and money are good concepts to associate with rational conversions, they do not work with prosocial.

Cheap stock photos play a vital role in conversions. To boost your conversion rates, always choose images that will prime helpful concepts. Of course, the traditional tips in choosing images work effectively too. But if you want your readers to respond to your call to action (CTA), you might want to consider these tips.